Paul Rust
Paul Rust - Infobox
Recurring Cast Member
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 12, 1981 (Age 32)
Birthplace: Le Mars, Iowa, U.S.
Show Information
Portrays: Benji
Status: Recurring
First appearance: "Three Men and a Boubier"
Latest appearance: "Go with Glorg"

Paul Rust is the American actor who portrays Benji on ABC's "Super Fun Night".

Rust was born in Le Mars, Iowa, to Jeanne and Bob Rust. He was raised Catholic and attended Gehlen Catholic High School, subsequently graduating from the University of Iowa in May 2004.

Rust appears as a frequent guest on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, where he is best known for his "New No Nos" segment.

Rust currently writes for IFC's Comedy Bang Bang and also worked as a writer and story editor on the revived for Netflix 4th season of Arrested Development in 2013.